Company profile

Beijing Jingtian Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is an innovative agricultural enterprise specializing in imported seeds and technology promotion, with a number of high-quality R&D and marketing team. Many records have been created and maintained in the domestic market. Hanchun No. 4 cabbage has been active in the Yangtze River Basin for more than ten years. The first hybrid carrot "Hongying No. 2" popularized in China is still widely used in the main producing areas. Now we have launched a series of high-quality watermelon, tomato, eggplant, cucumber, onion and other products, I believe we will also create more surprises for our partners.

We have formed strategic partnerships with many research institutes in Japan and South Korea to research and cultivate new varieties of vegetables urgently needed in our country. "Ask where the canal should be clear, and bring fresh water to the source", because we can continuously provide new excellent varieties for everyone relying on a strong research team.

Under the background of serious vegetable overproduction, we are all trying to change our minefields. Our variety of wellfields has guided us to a new direction of development.

1. Good quality, from the simple pursuit of output to both output and quality, so that you stand out and highlight the dignity.

2. Strong disease resistance not only saves the cost of medication and ensures the output, but also realizes pollution-free and pesticide-free planting, especially provides the double guarantee of credibility and benefit for large planting parks.

3. Easy to cultivate, simplify the cumbersome procedures in the process of planting, easy to get on the road for beginners, save labor, save costs, suitable for large-scale enterprise production.